Sunday, August 13, 2017

Celebrating 15 years

Celebrating 15 year with a 15 course meal at Manresa.  They thoroughly enjoyed their 4 hour dinner (glad they didn't make us go to this long meal). 

We enjoyed our 20 minute simple kid only dinner at home.  

2015 vs. 2017 family photo in Newport Beach. 

Proudly missing my 2 front teeth (which I pulled out myself). 

1st practice for my Nutcracker performance in Dec.  I'll be a Peppermint Stick.   

STEM open house - showcasing our storage unit design out of cardboard boxes. 

We all got to build our own computer during the summer session. 

Mama driving home 7 STEM students and Teddy.  

Dada's FFF - started with a hike at the Standford Dish 

Dinner at Lazy Dog - Teddy met a few fellow canine friends. 

Followed by Hamilton kareoke - we each sang one of our favorite songs. 

This week we also celebrated Dad's big launch ... YouTube Kids is now available on Android TV!  Great job Dad, we're so proud of you! 

Sat morning wrestling match - sibling love. 

Celebrating the completion of our 3 week STEM summer session.   

Hungry swimmers.  Grateful for this awesome bunch of friends.  

Teddy got neutered this week, poor guy will be walking around with his a cone to prevent licking his incision. 

South Bay Church volunteers spoiled with the largest seafood paella.   Mom & Dad are life group leaders, pre marriage counselors and dad serves as the tech director.   

Louie boys watching Harry Potter at the SF Symphony.  Grandpa - thanks for the treat, what an amazing experience! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Newport Beach

 Sorry about the late post this week, we were having too much fun with our cousins on the beach 

Teddy's 1st vacation

Already a beach bum 

Simple joy

Brodard pork spring rolls, so yummy.  

Sushi Go game night 

Knock em over 

Just the 16 of us

Balboa Pier 

Biking along white sandy beach

Best NYC style pizza 

 Fun Zone at Balboa Pier

Celebrating Auntie Emi's bday @ Tommy Bahamas

Ditched the kids for an oyster double date

4 month old photo shoot 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Doggy fun

Jamba break with our neighbors.  This week we were dog sitting for mom's co-worker so we're taking care of 2 dogs!  

Since I'm fully vaccinated now, I get to go out with my human family to celebrate my freedom and 4 month bday.   They got Smitten ice cream and I just got water. 

Was such a nice day to enjoy the sun at Santana Row. 

Dinner with more Chings - so great to hang out with big boy Isaac and baby Gerald. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mystery Spot

Family field trip to Mystery Spot with Yangs and Fujikawas.  Unfortunately, mystery remains unsolved. 

We all can't seem to stand/walk straight at the "mystery spot"

A week away from home with my buddy Aiden.  Wish I can stay a few more days.  

My cabin mates and leaders. 

Korean tacos with the Chings - thanks for making the long trek to hang out with us! 

Our exterminator (aka dad), he's ready to attack a wasp nest in our backyard.  Mission accomplished. 

Mom relaxing her with new favorite child. 

Dog sitting our neighbors, 2 very well trained jack russell terriers. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yummy meals

Customer Appreciate Day at Chick Fil a - if you come dressed as a cow, you get a free meal

7/11 = rare slurpee treat 

Sushi date - I'm branching out and trying different types of sushi, so yummy.  

Orechi ramen date with dad @ one of my favorite restaurants 

Auntie Jen Lim visited from Portland so they had a girls lunch. 

Roti - gelato burger for dessert 

Parents putting me to work - changing battery for smoke detector 

And then they made me to cook dinner for FFF - all from from scratch, including the gravy.  I made ice cream too.  They all loved the meal, pork tenderloin was so juicy.