Sunday, March 26, 2017

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girl cousin spa / slumber party 

Daisy Girls Scout outing @ Build a Bear celebrating a successful 1st cookie season 

Catching up over sushi with Auntie Nina (college buddy) 

Hey ice cream outing without us kids? 

Baby Halle's 1st visit to Google for lunch. 

Dear friends from Portland visiting

Science Fair project board ... team work 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Family fun

Uncle Eric & Auntie Thuy (Dad's cousins) had their 2nd son.  Baby G is only 3 days old.  

Sunday fun day at church with dad's siblings 

Sleepover at Auntie Emi and Uncle Roo's ... fun game nite. 

Mom and her middle school girl friends enjoying a hot pot dinner.  

Rock climbing ... gottta keep a close eye on our lil sis.  Only her 1st time but she's fearless.  

Proud daisy girl scout walking to her troop meeting. 

Best bubble bath ... thanks dad! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mom's 29 (again!)

Mom's bday dinner at Banana Leaf, food was so flavorful!  Bday girl's craving was full-filled. 

Popo made mom's favorite noodle soup for her bday, what a treat for all of us! 

Sister's morning out ... they brunched & chatted for hours. 

Mom's FFF - we had game nite: bingo, poker, hangman etc, so fun

Dad & Uncle Andy (god brother) hosted their parents at YouTube.   What a special moment for the Sr's & Jr's ...  friends for 50+ years! 
California State Chess tournament - buddy A and I both game back from our 1st tournament with a nice prize for winning more than half our games! 

Dad snowboarding with his YouTube teammates on their annual Tahoe trip. 

 Enjoying the sun on our girls picnic ... yea spring is here!

Child labor - what dad makes me do

What mom makes me do.  No slackers allowed at our house. 

Then I get a break and party with my friends down the street 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Simple joy

Monthly Home Depot Workshop date with Dad

Grateful for my big bro showing me the ropes on how to put on my new (night-time) contacts

Mini chess tournament before the big one next weekend at the convention center.  

Prepping ribs so dinner is ready when my parents come home from work

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Winter Break in So Cal

Our 1st visit to Universal Studios ... got to visit Harry Potter land and drink some "butter beer" 

So much fun traveling with the Fujikawas

Slow day at the park so didn't have to wait long for rides 

Awesome indoor water park & hotel - fun for the parents too  

Scavenger hunt throughout the hotel ... kept us busy for hours (so our parents can relax a bit) 

Lots of fun with so many water slides 

I even went on the big kid slides 

Pokinometry - yummy poke bowls 

They went out for some Vietnamese food while we continued our scavenger hunt at the hotel 

@ Downtown Disney 

Hanging with a Woolly Mammoth - extinct creature that weighed 6 tons.  Amazing that these original fossil was dug up from a tar pit right outside of the museum.   They are still digging for fossils to learn more about our natural history thousands of years ago. 

Fun slumber party at the Jings and Guerreros - thanks for the great company and yummy home cooked meals!  So grateful for your love and hospitality!  Please come visit us soon! 

Thanks Chans for Disney on Ice, dinner and fun slumber party!  Next sleepover at my house! 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Uncle Michael!

Celebrating mom's favorite brother.  Bday boy wanted steak dinner. 

Dada went to Miami for a conference and the team received the award for Best Digital Media app. Yay YouTube Kids!

Dada brought us back these special cake pops.

After we put our sister down, we played a Connect Four tournament where I eliminated Dada and let Tyler win ;-)

Pre dinner fun - don't fall in the moat!

Dada's friend got us a new virtual reality toy - very interesting 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Farewell Sydney

One of mom's favorite memory of Sydney, sunrise at 6:30am after a nice beach stroll. 

Dad on cloud 9 in the famous Blue Mountains 

Working in the Google Sydney office 

They met up with Uncle Phan, SCU buddy for lunch

Team sailing competition ... sailed under the Harbor Bridge and around the Opera House, amazing!  

Mom hanging out with her teammate from around the world at Port Denison for a private dinner

Mom's global team of about 200 after their beach olympic games

Their hotel room view 

Up-close and personal with a kangaroo 

sleepy koala 

They can't seem to get enough of the  Sydney Harbor Bridge the Opera House 
Dad climbed all the way to the top of the bridge. 

Enjoyed their 14 hour flight home ... talked for 5 hours, watched a movie and slept, home before they knew it! 
Last night before our parents came home, we all had sleepovers at our friend's house.  Grateful for the 3 friends that hosted us.  Hannah, Aiden and Rishab, thank you for the fun slumber party!  

Made it home just in time to celebrate our favorite twin cousin's 5th bday ... cousin sandwich!