Sunday, May 20, 2018

Officially 14

Family Bday celebration on my actual bday at Kura Sushi and 

Icicles ice cream ... my picks 

Doing my homework at my new "office" ... so cozy and with my friends 

Santa Clara Middle School track meet 

Testing out Uncle Mike's one wheel 

School annual Spring Fling carnival with my buddies 

Mama took a pasta making class ... she said it was easy and excited to male more fresh pasta 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day & Tyler's 14th Bday party

Our annual Mother's Day tradition - 1:1 quality time with Mom over yummy food, games and chats. 

Mother's Day dinner at Dynasty - adult table 

Kids table 

Double date with the Yangs - lots of yummy Taiwanese food all night long

 14 of us celebrating my 14th bday party - football, capture the fun and tag

Dinner time turned into Hamilton rap battle 

Jeopardy game - categories were Tyler, STEM, US History, Sports and 90s ... we failed in the 90s category by did well in the others.  Had no idea what a CD, AOL or cassette tape was ;) 

Taylor Swift concert with Mama's 2 of 3 sistas.  Uncle Steve - thanks for the tickets! 

Celebrating the life of Mom's middle school gf's dad, 66 years young. 

Dinner with Jacob so his parents can have a turn to watch Tay Tay concert too.  We enjoyed a few Swiftie songs during dinner.  We love having you over - slumber party next time?

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dozen years & boys / girls weekend

Dad's team celebrated dad's 12th Google-versary with him. 

Boys are gone for their father son retreat ... Orenchi ramen dinner date. 

Macha love - roasted green tea, black sesame and vanilla 

Cousins playdate while their parents have a bday musical date 

Can't reach ... no problem ... engineers at work building a solution 

Fun and yummy sushi dinner ... our youngest one (Jer) might have ate the most 

Kite flying / sun bathing on a windy day 

7th annual father son retreat.  Dad - thanks for taking us every year.  Definetly a highlight every year. 

Quality father-son time 


Laser tag 

Early bday / Mother's Day dinner with mom's family

Celebrating with 4 cousins on mom's side 

Kalbi and the fixings 

Monday, April 30, 2018


Annual Take Your Child To Work Day.  Dad's 9th annual and Mom's 3rd annual.   Day 1 for K-3. 

My silly parents. Day 2 for 3-8th grade.

Mom had a meeting, so special having dad all to myself, 

Lin Manuel Miranda's In the Heights (his musical before Hamilton), such a treat.  

Boys afternoon at out at the movies with Dad. 

I made Apple Strudel for the first time (Ethan).  Family loved it and wanted more.  

Teddy sending us off to our 1st Girl Scout camping trip.  

Rivermark Daises and Brownies

Sunday, April 22, 2018

DC, Anaheim, cousins and 40th celebration

8th grade Washington DC trip.  So much fun, wish we could stay longer. 

34 Cabrillo students in front of the iconic Washington Monument 

While I was in DC, Mom went down to Anaheim for more Disney fun.  She worked during the day and played at CA Adventure at night for a private work party. 

We took care of cousin Olivia while her parents snuck away to Vegas to celebrate their 5th anniversary.  Can you tell who makes her happy? 

FFF - teaching Olivia how to play Monopoly. 

Afternoon Jamba juice break 

More playtime with our cousins 

Celebrating buddies Rowena and Dale's 40th at Mosaic.  Auntie Ro was Mom's Sr. year roomie and Uncle Dale sang at their wedding. 

SCU gang - always a fun time when we get together 

SCU girls 

Monday, April 16, 2018

First cruise

After a crazy week with YouTube's incident (dad was in that building) our long awaited trip could not have come at a better time for much needed quality family time.   Mickey warmly welcomed us on his ship. 

All 27 of us cleaned up for formal night.  Right before the trip, our extended family was dealing with gun violence (at YouTube), stress, health, potential missed flights etc ... so grateful we all made it to simply celebrate being together! 

Louie and Chan cousins sporting our family shirts created by Auntie Shannon (thanks!)

All our names are on the back. 

We're ready to sail away with Mickey, Minnie and friends. 

Mom and her sister, Auntie Tracy ... we hope one day we can sail with all the Wang siblings / cousins. 

Door decoration - thanks Auntie Shirley for your awesome craftiness!  

Our home for the week - so cozy and comfy

Brunch with Mickey

Kids table on formal night

Dessert time - so many to choose from

Looking forward to Star Wars day

"Race that baby" - go baby Gerald ... made it to finals and came in 2nd place.  We were one proud family cheering him on!  

Tucked kids in bed, adult comedy show then late night room service after party

Pirates night 

Arraggghhh - hungry pirates ready for dinner

Our favorite party host #TonyFromSpain ... the aunties (and mom) kept talking about him 

Fancy breakfast 

Can't beat this ocean view dining 

View from our room 

We often found ourselves staring at this view in awe

I (Tyler) competed for the Star Wars Super Fan title and came in 1st place! Ethan also won the Star Wars trivia in the teen club.  Guess watching all those movies finally paid off. 

Jedi family 

Post fireworks dance party 

Castaway Cay (Disney's private island) - 5K walkers ;) 

BBQ lunch at Castaway Cay 

All 9 kids - anyone see Tyler?

Darth Vader and the Louies 

Late night evening stroll on the deck sans kids 

Before our cruise, we visited the Kennedy Space Center ... truly amazing how big our galaxy is ... so much more to discover 

We also visited an alligator swamp and got to hold a baby alligator 

We got back on Saturday and on Sunday I left for my 8th grade Washington DC trip.  Woohoo - 2 big back to back trips.