Sunday, June 25, 2017

One Decade!

*** This week marks the 10th anniversary of our family's weekly blog!  We love documenting our simple family moments to share with you.   Please leave us a comment (bottom of this blog post) to let us know you're still visiting our blog.   Cheers to many more decades of simple family fun. ***

Dad was on pup-ternity leave this week.  Bonding with Teddy, getting lots of things done for our family including BBQing a yummy steak dinner. 

Connect 4 game after dinner.  Love how Teddy gets us out to enjoy the fresh air. 

Mom and her middle school girlfriends celebrating Auntie Mel/Lin's bday @ Shabuway. 

Orenchi dinner date with Auntie Neen celebrating her be-lated bday and a successful girls camp. 

Brunch date at Google's newest French cafe 

Racing daddy home from our local library home (about 4 blocks)

VBS (Vacation Bible School) - always so much fun. 

2 youth leaders and 1 camper

Checking off a (high risk) "honey do" request 

1:1 basketball ... T. Louie vs. T. Louie

Taking a break while my siblings  continue to play basketball. 
Auntie Tracy / Uncle Grant - thanks for hosting us for a fun slumber party.  Appreciate you wanting to spend time with us. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Growing Louie family celebrating our awesome dads - 6 kids and 7 grandkids & 1 new grand-pup

Father's Day tradition continues, 1:1 dates with his favorites kids.   I love having daddy all to myself.  People say we look alike, what do you think?

Breakfast is both our favorite meal of the day.  So grateful for a fun & playful dad.    

Dad is getting sad because I'll only be home for 5 more years.  Dad is such a great role model.  

Our favorite twins graduated from preschool.  Ballerina and fireman are off to kinder soon. 

Mewies stayed with us this week as their house is being staged for sale.  Fun slumber party every night. 

After they tucked us in, the party continues with Sushi Go game. 

Watching Wonder Woman with the grandparents and dad. 

Girls Camp - where we learned science, cooking, sewing, crafts and swam every day!  

Weekly Rivermark food truck playdate.  Soon to be 1st grade girls laughing up a storm. 

Teddy's 1st puppy socialization class - so many friends to meet.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

New Chapters

Meet my newest cousin Olivia 

Louie and Chan cousins

My promotion to middle school

Celebrating with my buddies 

Kinder promotion

BFFs / Girl Scout Daisies

Graduation / End of School year celebration 

Twins meet Teddy, yea Jer is not allergic! 

Warriors game 3 / Teddy party with my STEM buddies

STEM family potluck ... 8th graders and their siblings 

Church Youth group summer kick off bash 

Emily's bday party at the park

Boys outing - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and wings

Post "Alice in Wonderland" musical 

Newly weds, Jessica and Nick 

Ngo cousins plus mom 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bringing Teddy home!

Teddy's 2 months and finally came home with us.   We've been waiting for his arrival for 6+ months.  
2 month old photo shoot.   We are all in puppy love. 

In only 1.5 days, Teddy met 40+ of our neighbors and family.   Such a party-dog.  He says thank goodness it'll be Monday, I get to rest up while kids are in school ;) 

"Spin the dog" game with Teddy.    
Chilling with mom.  Mom can be a puppy hog sometimes.  

7th grade STEM year end presentation on how to sleep better to reduce stress with orange lens. 
Webelo, end of year Cub Scout, Arrow of Light ceremony 

Talent show - dance performance to Katy Perry's Roar. 

Happy 29th Auntie Tracy!   This week, you'll have 1 new niece (any day now) and (canine) nephew.  Pretty awesome bday presents eh?  We love you! 
Auntie Jen - 4 days overdue!  We're all so excited to meet our new girl cousin.  

Bday girl's request for dinner - poke bowl. 

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!  Had a blast at your American Girl party!  Grateful we live on the same block and have been friends since you were born.