Sunday, April 23, 2017

Google Field Trip

Mom & Dad along with a few other parents hosted my 7th grade STEM program at Google for a yummy, fun and educational field trip.  

How many 7th graders can you fit in a Google ball pit? 

Learning about:  How Google makes money, search, self driving cars, Project Loon and Machine Learning. 

Piano player by day ... 

Laser tag pro by night 

Wing Stop dinner while mom was on a biz trip to NY 

Honeyberry dessert 

Google NYC 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Grandma and Grandpa with their 7 grand children and 2 grand nephews

Lining up for egg hunt to begin.  Mewies - thanks for hosting! 

Easter dim sum after church @ Koi Palace, Milpitas.  No wait at 10am. 

Savoring our xaio long bao (soup dumpling).  

Spring break tea party with mom and my fav stuffed animals - Sammy & Elysa

Quality 1:1 time 

 While the girls were having their tea party, boys played dodge ball at Sky High.  Dad - thanks for joining us in the fun! 

Kalbi for Easter dinner 

Twins - thanks for hosting me for a fun slumber party

Goofing around before bedtime

Mom go-cart racing with her team mates 
Warriors vs. Laker party with my STEM buddies 

Pinkberry treat after a fun mini golf tournament with the Fujikawas.  Auntie Amee - thanks for the fun day out!  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Party Weekend

After Dad's NBA roadtrip last weekend, mom wanted some NBA fun too.  She watched the Warriors game with Baron Davis at a work party (former Warriors player). 

Packed house at Oracle Arena 

My 1st escape room party, we got out!  

1st paintball party - survived with just a few bruises. 

Party at cousin Jacob's house while his parents were out of town. 

Chick-fil-a lunch party while mom's working in SF

Celebrating 4 months of gymnastics 

Bunny at SBC's Egg Hunt

So happy dad picked me up from school 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

7th Annual NBA Trip

This year dad went to Toronto, Brooklyn & New York for his NBA (food) trip

Go Warriors -  thanks Fujikawas for a taking me to a special game. 

Celebrating a special bday in Mill Valley. 

Gorgeous view and fancy spread. 

Mother-daughter selfie

Dinner with the cutest preggers and toddlers

When Dad's gone, instead of tucking us in at 9pm Auntie Tracy and Uncle Grant takes us mini golfing!  

Intense game of "Settlers of Catan." 

E. River Pkwy aunties take mom out for a be-lated bday dinner.   We all literally live on the same block. 

Kinders playing school, right after school ... "Smart is the new cool!"  - Project MC 2

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Girl cousin spa / slumber party 

Daisy Girls Scout outing @ Build a Bear celebrating a successful 1st cookie season 

Catching up over sushi with Auntie Nina (college buddy) 

Hey ice cream outing without us kids? 

Baby Halle's 1st visit to Google for lunch. 

Dear friends from Portland visiting

Science Fair project board ... team work 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Family fun

Uncle Eric & Auntie Thuy (Dad's cousins) had their 2nd son.  Baby G is only 3 days old.  

Sunday fun day at church with dad's siblings 

Sleepover at Auntie Emi and Uncle Roo's ... fun game nite. 

Mom and her middle school girl friends enjoying a hot pot dinner.  

Rock climbing ... gottta keep a close eye on our lil sis.  Only her 1st time but she's fearless.  

Proud daisy girl scout walking to her troop meeting. 

Best bubble bath ... thanks dad!