Sunday, October 22, 2017

School Activities & bday celebration continues

Mom spoke at college / career day at Auntie Loan's school (mom's SCU buddy).  Lots of inquisitive students - Why did you choose to study aboard in Tokyo?  What is marketing?  Favorite Google perk?  How much money do you make?  

Special Girl Scout joint Daisy & Brownie activity - boat racing 

Mom lead this year's direct donation campaign for our school - we hit a record high and celebrated with a Kona shave ice truck. 

Bday date with Uncle Mike - chess and boba.  Close but not yet, hope to beat Uncle Mike next year.  Uncle Mike - thanks for the special time & yummy treat.  Yea for #middlechild! 

Bday dinner & sleepover with Auntie Tracy & Uncle Grant.  After a game of Settlers, they introduced us to Super Nintendo and games they use to play like Super Mario Bros.  

While brothers were at sleepover, mom and dad took me to Orenchi - our favorite ramen place!   Auntie Tracy - thanks for putting out name down. 

We got "boo'd" ... neighbor dropped off some awesome Halloween goodies. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ethan's 11

I get to plan my bday celebration with my family - Kula sushi for dinner.  I ate a record 11 plates for turning 11.  

then Icicles for dessert!

Dim sum with mom's family to celebrate Oct bdays - Popo, Auntie Jen and me (Ethan)

Popo & her 5 kiddos - 4 girls then a boy

Popo and her 7 grand kiddos 

My only girl cousin on mom's side ... hope more girls join the fam 

Another sushi bday dinner - thanks Gma & Gpa

Fun 80's party celebrating my buddy's bday

My 1st day working at YouTube.  These indoor human mtgs are not very exciting, but I do like spending all day with dad at work and meeting his co workers. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Almost 11

I got to celebrate my bday with a few of my buddies. 

Laser tag fun for my bday

Mom's relatives visiting from China and Toronto 

Comic Con at Santa Clara Central library. 

Girl Scout field trip Rancho San Antonio for Ohlone Day 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

School, work & family fun

Girl Scout S'mores night 

 STEM field trip to SCU where we had an app design contest.  My team won!  

Thai food dinner - Mom and Dad want us to try different foods. 

Slumber party with the twins. 

Mari's buddy E turned 7 at Hogwarts

Daddy grilled dinner  - so yummy

Good game Gpa, please come over and play again. 

Mom's 2 day trip to NYC. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mama's Back from Switzerland!

Mama came back from mommy "vacation" in Switzerland!

She and 60 of her co-workers look like they enjoyed the real "Mountain View" with tobogganing, curling, and lots of eating (and worked a bit too). 

Mama's cousin Tina got married, so Dad, Aunty Tracy, and Uncle Grant had a double date up to Windsor for a big family reunion.

Mom and Dad ate a lot...including all those sweets! Congrats #PalmatierNGOsLove 

I lost 2 teeth this week. The tooth fairy stopped by 3 times because Ethan lost a tooth too.

Dada tried his best to manage all our schedules while mom was in Switzerland.  Every night he was up late getting things done.  Thx Teddy for keeping Dad company!  Dad you did a great job!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Dada's Birthday Weekend

Dada planned out a full day of food to celebrate 20+20.

We biked and strolled around SCU and saw thousands of Freshmen moving in.  Dada moved in exactly 22 years ago!

We bumped into Uncle Gell who was the 1st person Dada met in college.

Birthday dinner at our favorite sushi place - Kula!

Mari saw her 1st Star Wars movie with Dad.

First time playing chess with Dada! Can't wait to play again!

Gpa and Gma treated us out at Macaroni Grill for Dada's bday.

My friends and I made meals for families at the JW House which is a special place for families who are going through some tough medical issues.  We'll be coming back!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dad's 20 (+20)th Bday party

Celebrating the big 40

Grateful to celebrate with family, neighbors, Googlers, ballers, college buddies

SCU gang

Pop Quiz time

The after party Googlers 

Learned how to use a keg ... is this legal?

Our uncles taught us how to play beer pong (without the beer of course)

No idea what dad is doing

Dad's favorite ... Halal Guys for dinner 

My 1st soccer game! 

Take your parents to work day! 

After TYPTWD, we invited Gma & Gpa over for my Baked Zitti Sausage pasta dinner